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  • Kym Bartlett

Oh yes, you can

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Yesterday I released module 4 - Interview Preparation - to my current cohort on the Career Catapult programme so I thought I'd share my '6 Rs' of Interview Preparation.

Of course, there is a LOT more in the module but these quick tips will stand you in good stead.

1. Research - doing meticulous research on the company you're applying to and the people who will be interviewing you will really show your level of interest

2. Rehearse - grab a friend or book a video call to practice your verbal and non-verbal communication and ask for feedback

3. Record - yourself doing an interview so you can do a self-critique

4. Refine - based on your feedback, refine your answers and the way you plan to come across

5. Revisit - step away from it for a few days and come back to revisit it after a break

6. Refresh - be careful not to over-rehearse as this can come across a bit robotic and stilted. Refresh your mind the day before and maybe add a little new story too.

And finally... be you, be proud.


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