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After freelancing for 7 years, I needed a strategic spirit guide who could challenge me to think long term, articulate what kind of work I wanted to do and who with.


Kym helped me work towards long term aims, spending a lot more time thinking through potential contracts and giving myself the headspace to make calm decisions about how I want to shape my career. 


Kym has helped me become more self-assured, to be more confident in saying no, and prioritise my own wellbeing. I'm better at holding my nerve, holding out for projects and clients that really excite me and... holding on to days off!

Vic Shead - Freelance Arts Marketing

Kym’s coaching really works!


Her approach combines an enabling mix of challenge and confidence-building affirmation.


She creates a supportive, open space, which encourages self reflection, but with the structure to be results driven. My sessions with Kym allowed me to focus on future goals with practical tips and tools to tune out the hinderance of unproductive ‘noise’.


Super friendly, easy to talk to and highly knowledgeable, Kym’s coaching supports real transformation.

Kerry Whelan, Executive Director, Frantic Assembly

Highly highly recommended.

We recommend you seize any opportunity you have to benefit from Kym's fantastic Career Catapult programme on re-thinking your career and approach to securing a bigger, better role in the future.


Works brilliantly for Organisations and Individuals.

Andrew Lawson, Head of HR, Shakespeares' Globe

I had results from Kym’s coaching after my first session and my confidence and ability to develop new ideas at a more strategic level has increased with every session.

I would thoroughly recommend Kym as a coach as both myself and my peers have seen the positive effect it has had on me. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her help.

Caroline Ward, Head of HR, RADA

I sought coaching with Kym due to pandemic-induced redundancy, and although I am already excitingly embracing this new chapter of my life, this felt like the time to get advice from a professional.

Super knowledgable about our sector, Kym had plenty of expert advice, ideas and tips to point me in that direction; I've come away with an action plan as long as my arm.

She provided kind reassurance and understanding about the emotions I’m feeling, and is genuine and warm. 

Kym had been recommended to me, now I can see why. I wholeheartedly recommend her.

Sammie Squire

Working with Kym has really upscaled my business, resulting in some major achievements which are a direct result of the regular coaching sessions.

My ‘wins’ have helped to position my name and services professionally within the industry, get the best out of my clients, handle difficult situations, and make positive, sometimes challenging, business decisions.


I feel very supported by Kym and would thoroughly recommend her to anyone looking for business direction, guidance, focus and support.

Paul Hicks, Mr Theatre

Kym has coached me through a number of career and life decisions and has been invaluable. She is a warm and calm presence and allows you the thinking time needed to make your own choices whilst knowing exactly what to say to help, and when to say it.

Jenni Grainger, CEO, Told by An Idiot

Kym embodies the best of coaching practice. 

She can activate a wealth of knowledge, offers observation rather than opinion, guides you when you are lost, and stands back when you are motoring forward.

Anne Mosley, Facilitator and Coach

Highly recommend Kym's Career Catapult course to HR/People Managers as an alternative to outplacement programmes during times of change or restructure.


This programme encourages staff to gain skills and confidence during these times, as well as afterwards if still required.


It's a wide-ranging programme looking at everything from your career vision to nailing an interview, with Kym delivering in-depth, personable and practical content that appeals to a wide range of people.


We had great feedback from participants and saw the results when interviewing people too.


Thanks Kym for this excellent course.

Kate Hamlin, HR Manager

"I knew that I wanted to make a big shift to how I worked and the types of organisations I worked with but I just couldn't figure out how to get there.


Kym worked with me, sensitively and with humour, to help me unlock and open up to my strengths and aspirations.


I set a goal to have left my previous role and to find a new one with a pretty ambitious timeframe!  I'm happy to say that I achieved that goal and I now get to wake up and go to work with a dream organisation, doing the things I do best in a sector that feels really right for me.


Without my sessions with Kym I don't know if I'd have taken the leap. I couldn't recommend her highly enough!"

Kym's coaching has been reaffirming, confidence-building and rigorous over the last six weeks. I've just completed the Career Catapult course and coaching sessions, and can thoroughly recommend it.

It's rare to find someone so committed to such a holistic approach as a mentor and career coach. Her coaching combines a tremendous amount of experience working in and with theatres, a high-level of attention to detail with marketing and branding, all with a focus on positivity and developing your individual style.

I want to especially commend her for building positive thinking and 'mindset moments' throughout the course.

I feel reinvigorated and inspired by the course, as well as being equipped now with a vast array of CV tools, confidence in interviews and a digital footprint I can be proud of.

Thank you Kym! You have my heartfelt recommendation.

Jennifer Smith, Shakespeares' Globe

Kym helped me instigate big changes at the company and also gave me confidence in my own abilities to achieve what I had set out to do.


She also dramatically helped me calm down the pressure I put on myself on a day to day basis. With some helpful techniques and practises I was able to focus my energies on achieving things rather than the anxiety that comes from the fear of not doing what I had set out to do.

Kym is experienced, friendly and professional. She helped me, so she can definitely help others as well.”

Edward Dark, Catsnake

Kym is an incredibly kind and insightful coach.


I was fortunate enough to be selected for a sponsored #lighttheway career coaching session and it couldn't have come at a better time.


Throughout my session Kym highlighted particular sections of my career journey which I could work on and offered thoughtful advice as to how I can progress my own ideas forward.


I feel motivated to get going and make things happen; a rare state of mind when you are in the arts industry during a pandemic. Thank you so much Kym, I can't wait to work with you again in the future.

Mimi Monteith

I'm new to the world of freelance - a casualty of COVID-19 in the arts like so many others.


Kym offered some great insights into things I should be doing as a new freelancer, pointed me in the direction of some great resources and gave me some useful action points to take away.

After only an hour with her, I feel like I've gained some clarity and also some future personal challenges.

Thank you so much Kym, it was an absolute pleasure.

Kate Fitzgerald

Kym was brilliant at getting straight to the heart of what I was seeking from the session, and I came away from it with a number of useful action points which I'm looking forward to putting into practice.


Thank you so much for your brilliant advice Kym, it is hugely appreciated during these uncertain times!

Sarah Colson

At a time when so many of us are struggling with direction, motivation and confidence, I feel incredibly lucky to have been able to chat through my concerns and options with Kym.


She has a wonderful ability to really listen, and completely understood where I was coming from.


Kym offered kind and valuable advice, giving me lots to think about and work on! 

Lucy Sellers

I have never met someone so intuitive.

Kym gave me the confidence to be truthful with myself, and to be brave enough to action change.


I will be forever grateful for her warmth, for her careful listening, and for her inspiration.

Anonymous Senior Leader


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