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  • Kym Bartlett

The secret no-one talks about

"It's lonely at the top"

Time and time again, I hear this - or a version of it - from leaders of small to medium sized #arts organisations.

Executive Directors and CEOs often steer the ship of these companies almost entirely alone. Whilst they may well have a supportive board, what I've discovered is that they shoulder not only the business, operation and finance side of the company, but also the HR aspect too. It's a lot to carry.

In almost any other industry, the leader would have a team of people sharing the workload they take on, and a senior team to lean on too. In the arts, it's so often a leadership team of 1.

My findings suggest an urgent need to do a LOT more to support these outstanding, tireless professionals who provide the backbone to so much of what we enjoy on our stages.

If you're an Executive Director or CEO and the above resonates with you, I'd love to hear what support you would like to see available - feel free to do this in comments or privately.

What do you need?


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