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  • Kym Bartlett

The R Word

Redundancy... There, I said it. And, I'm still here to write the rest of this post! Personally, I think we need to reframe the narrative around the word redundant - and very possibly, change the word entirely. However, I know that currently more and more people are experiencing this major life curveball and the anxiety that can come with it, due to you-know-what.

However, I want to make the argument this hot, sunny afternoon that the R-word can be a true blessing and a catalyst for growth and change... My 7 Positives that Redundancy can create... 1. The chance to re-group and re-fuel yourself 2. An opportunity to re-evaluate whether your working life is really working for you 3. Time to research new career opportunities and pathways 4. Finally launch that 'side hustle' you've been thinking about forever 5. Re-frame your whole attitude and mindset towards work 6. Re-shape your working life so that your home-life is the number one priority 7. Take the leap in an entirely different career direction

What have you taken that is positive from redundancy?

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