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  • Kym Bartlett

Rethink your WHY?

A friend of mine is struggling today. She is missing her real job of being a therapist and getting no pleasure from doing the necessary admin tasks which are all she can do right now. If you boil it down, what she is missing goes to the very core of her career choice. The WHY. The reason she chose a career as a therapist is that she wanted to help people, make them feel better, improve their lives – even if just for a few days – with a pedicure or a massage.

Many of us have more time on our hands than ever before – even despite the childcare we may be doing exclusively. Time out from the day to day of life, admin and work is giving us an opportunity to really think about why we live our lives the way we do and whether that is truly working for us on every level.

The questions I would suggest asking yourself are:

Do I have the work/life balance right?

How does my pre virus life look from this new perspective?

What could be better?

How can I achieve that?

What is my WHY?

Why is surely the most important question you should ask yourself. It helps narrow and define your true purpose in life and therefore could potentially lead you down a very different path. Of course, it’s okay if your WHY is financial i.e. I am doing this job because it meets the financial needs of my family, however so many of us just do the job we fell into without stopping to question whether there is an alternative.

If you do find that your WHY feels a bit skew-whiff and needs addressing then there are hundreds of free training courses available to you right now which I urge you to seize upon.

Thanks for reading!

Kym with a Y

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