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  • Kym Bartlett

Are all habits bad?

In coaching and NLP we talk a lot about breaking bad habits, limiting beliefs and creating new, better habits. However it struck me recently that some old habits, however small, might be worth keeping.

I’ve been on a sun-blessed holiday in the south west for the last 10 days and everywhere we have managed to ‘dine’, I noticed that I always clear the table as much as possible - piling up cups, plates and cutlery neatly so they can be easily taken away.

I’m guessing it’s an old habit from many hours as a waitress in my teenage years, but it’s one that I like and intend to keep. It’s a small way of helping make someone’s day a little easier and of course clearing up after myself which is something I value.

What old habits do you have that you still do and like?


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